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How to Increase Conversions & Get New Subscribers with Your Signup Forms

How to Increase Conversions & Get New Subscribers with Your Signup Forms

You’ve created a stellar email campaign — your designs are epic and your copy is compelling. But what’s the point if you’re not actively building up your email list and growing your audience?

That’s where signup forms come in. Signup forms are one of the most effective ways to increase conversions and get new subscribers. Yes, you could write a social media post and encourage your followers to click the link in the bio to sign up for your emails. But that’s complicated and time-consuming.

Instead, you want to make it as easy as possible for potential (and existing) customers to become subscribers. If someone is going to your website, you already know they’re interested in your products or services and want to learn more. This is your chance to hook them in.

A signup form will pop up just a few seconds after someone visits your site — not too soon because that can get annoying, but also not too late because they might leave your page before they even see it. Experts agree: 5 seconds is the sweet spot.

So what should you include in your signup forms? Let’s dive in a bit deeper.

Showcase Your Value Proposition

The first question you should ask yourself when writing your signup form is, what will the customer get out of this? How will it benefit them? For example, you could create value by sending them a weekly newsletter, giving them a free demo, or offering a discount on future purchases. Once you’ve answered that question, weave it into your signup form copy and call to action (CTA).

Ask Questions for Segmentation

While you don’t want to overwhelm your site visitor with too many questions, it doesn’t hurt to sprinkle your signup form with a few questions or even a survey. You can ask about birthdays, what kind of products they like, or why they might use your product. But, above all, be sure it’s fun and interactive so they stick around and actually fill it out.

Gathering this information will also help with email segmentation. For example, if you sell pet products, you can ask your site visitors whether they have a cat or dog. Then, you can send cat-specific emails to cat owners and dog-specific emails to dog owners. Another example: if you ask for your site visitor’s birthday, you can use this information to send them a personalized message and discount on their big day.

Provide Social Proof

Trust is crucial when building your brand and converting visitors into customers. Use this space to show new customers that they can trust you — after all, (X number) of people already do!

There’s no need to be humble. If you’ve helped 100,000 people with your products or services, now’s your chance to flaunt it. Encourage your site visitor to join your community of 100,000 happy customers.

Rethink Your Design

The importance of design cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to signup forms. You want to ensure that the popup form works seamlessly into your site. It shouldn’t be jarring or off-putting.

Your CTA button should also be the focal point of the form. Use bold colors to draw attention and get people to click. If you want to make an even stronger impact, use color blocks on background images to make the form stand out and easy to read.

Always Be A/B Testing

It’s marketing 101: always be testing. With A/B testing, you can split your audience up 50/50 and test out a variation against a control. It’s an easy and quick way to see what’s working and what’s not.

Among the things you can test out are form copy, CTA copy, design, color, where the form shows up on your site, the size of the form, and more. Soon you’ll be on your way to optimizing your signup form so that you can create the best site experience possible.

Let us help you get the most out of your signup form and start converting those site visitors into customers. Get in touch here.


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